Do Something Grand
One of the my favorite roles to play is that of Grandparent. While I don’t get see my nine grandkids that often, when I do its very special. I always greet each one individually and give them a hug. I then talk to them about things that are going on in their lives. I ask them about school, or sports they are playing or other interest to them. Of course I genuinely want to know about their life but more important I want them to know that I am interested in the things that are important to them.
I follow in the example of my own grandmother who took time with all of her grandkids. She would always remember our birthdays and always give us a small gift. Not expensive but something that she thought we would have an interest in. Each visit she would take us to the kitchen cupboard and retrieve a small white candy dish and proceeded to give us lemon drops. She always had the lemon drop jar filled for us kids.
Many years later, after I was an adult, my grandmother died. I lived 800 miles away but made the long journey home to be there for her memorial service. My mother ask me if there was anything of her possessions that I wanted to remember her by. I ask about the lemon drop jar. No one had claimed it so it became my treasured possession,
Every time I look at it I think of the love of my grandmother and I am inspired to be that kind of grandparent.
So to all of you grandparents, this Grandparents Day do something grand. Your grandchildren will never forget it.